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Riccardo Fogli in an advertising campaign by Italian bags and shoes Tonelli Uomo


A popular Italian singer, a former bass guitarist of Pooh band Riccardo Fogli,

who is extremely popular around the globe thanks to his lyrical songs, is a big fashion fan. He does his best to look fashionable and faultlessly in the Italian way.
As Riccardo Fogli prefers wearing comfortable casual shoes by Tonelli factory, he has decided to take part in an advertising campaign of Tonelli Uomo line by the well-known brand Gilda Tonelli.

It is no coincidence that the singer has been chosen for this campaign, for he is the perfect front man for the trademark and the style this company creates in its products. High quality, classical and exquisite design – these are specific features of Tonelli Uomo accessories and the brand’s signature.

The shoes and bags by this brand are handmade of extremely expensive materials by Italian master craftsmen from Tonelli workgroup, who are highly professional and are capable of performing even the most complicated work.

The Italian style of Tonelli brand can be easily recognized in all the shoes, bags and porte monnaie models. These accessories will be suitable in any situation: be it office working days, business meetings or weekend trips. They make a man look very fashionable and elegant.

In the new advertising campaign, shoes and bags of python leather

come forward at once. Such expensive accessories will be primarily suitable for an eccentric, free-spirited man who isn’t scared of standing out.

Tonelli Uomo Line – high-quality and comfortable accessories with fashionable design, which are recognized all over the globe.

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